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People of Cessnock is a blog by local resident, Rebecca Murray. The project seeks to value the people of her home town by sharing their stories value and raising the profile of people living outside metropolitan areas.



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“There’s never been a good photo of us yet!

We’re not local. But we used to be. It’s a good thing we’re wearing the Cessnock uniform.

We’re from South Australia and Toronto now but we were brought up at the fire station … 45 years ago now. My grandfather was a resident fireman.

We used to sneak out of the fire station at night, crawl out of the second story window onto the roof of the shed and jump off that and go moseying up the street in the middle of the night. We were very sneaky. And we’d see all the pubs chucking buckets of water out washing the blood off the footpath.

It was an interesting town to be a young fella in.

It was open. It was a great place to own a dirt bike ‘cause there were no fences around in those days. You could just ride!

We used to ride around in the drains and use them like a velodrome. On motorbikes.

We lived in them drains; little kid thieves highway!”

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